Saturday, March 3, 2012

My D-I-Y D-A-Y!

This is my new kitchen light fixture.  It is mother of pearl mosaic.  I put it up all by myself.  I am crazy, over the moon, in love with it.  I think it is purty.  I ended up working in my kitchen today, although I did not attempt the back splash yet.  The kitchen will be amazing when I am done and I am thrilled now that I am seeing it come together.  It is pretty exciting.

I have a decision coming up that I have to make.   The new back splash has lots of golds and is on the dark, dramatic side.  My outlet covers are all white.  I was thinking how cool some really industrial looking copper covers would look.  I looked online but everything has kind of an aged antiquey look to it.  Not what I want at all.  That was when I remembered that one of my friends told me about a year ago that he has a full welding set up in his garage and to let him know if I ever needed anything fabricated  I think I may ask him how hard it would me to make my outlet covers out of copper sheeting.  How awesome would that be?!  Plan B, may be that I have to use copper leaf and then shellac it so I can clean it.  The copper sheeting would be cooler though...

Besides my kitchen adventure, I was happy because I got to watch a NASCAR race this afternoon.  Today was one of Liesl's cuddly days and she got all snuggled up to me on the sofa.  It is so sweet when she does that.  It makes my day!  She was snuggly all day, so at dinner I shared my salmon with her.  She loves salmon and salmon skin.  It is good for her and her skin.  She was just so happy this evening.  I love a happy dog.

I am ready to settle in for a nice quiet evening of stitching with my sweet furgirl close by.  It is so nice to look back on such a wonderful day.  

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