Friday, March 30, 2012

A Day Of Perfection

At my job we get one mental health day a year.  You can use it for anything, but it comes off of your sick time instead of your vacation.  I decided this week that I really really needed it.  I had some personal business to attend to, some catching up to do on some things and to have that mental health break.  I am really glad that I took it today.  The weather was absolutely perfect.  Liesl and I headed to the beach after I had sufficient caffeine to function and had slapped on some makeup.  It was a perfect day at the beach.

I am not sure if this happens with other breed owners, but mini schnauzer parents always have to seek each other out at the beach and talk.  I have met some truly wonderful people who see Liesl and have to share their stories of schnauzers that they have loved and lost.  I have had people call out to me from across a busy street to tell me that they have three of them,  Mini schnauzers are the 11th most popular breed in the US.  Today we met a mini schnauzer named Gretel who was a total cutie.  Her momma shared that she used to have a brother named Schnitzel which I think is totally cute.  Then as we were driving to our next errand with Liesl enjoying the sunny day with her head hanging out the window, an SUV pulled up next to us at a stop light on Liesl's side of the car.  The lady inside saw Liesl and broke out in a huge grin.  She then shouted over to me that she had a mini schnauzer for 18 years before losing him.  We quickly said what little clowns that are and laughed before the light changed.

I went over to the mall to pick up Liesl's organic, 95% grain free dog food that she loves.  She gets two tablespoons of mushy food with her kibble.  Afterward I saw a sign across the parking lot that said that a store was selling heirloom tomato plants.  I will drop everything for all things gardening.  I found six different kinds.  Yum!  I also found a beautiful red and gold calla lily.  I went a little crazy.  I happened to run into my daughter when I was there.  She is so wonderful.  She bought my shopping cart of plants for me with the guarantee that I share the bounty of tomatoes with her.  It was such an incredibly nice thing to do.

So now we are preparing for a day of rain tomorrow, which is okay.  I picked up library books today and eve got to take my time walking through the library.  I also have a lot of puttering tomorrow.  The incoming  rain is making it feel hot and tropical tonight.  I had my windows open at 9 pm tonight.  I am always cold, so I was shocked that I was so warm.  Liesl plopped down to sleep in front of the window so that she could get the cool breeze on her tummy.  She is something else.

Well, I am off to give thanks for the great day.


Gloria said...

That was so sweet of your daughter!

I planted tomatoes earlier this week. They are small little plants but that's okay, I love to watch them grow.

Gloria said...

That was so sweet of your daugher!

I planted tomatoes earlier this week. They are small plants but that's okay, I love to watch them grow.

April said...

Sounds like you had a great day off from Work !!