Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day Of Awesome

Oh, my goodness, it was a beautiful day.  It must have been in the high 70's this morning.  We headed outside so I could get some weeding done.  I had fallen behind in this task so it was high time I got out there in my gardening gloves.  I threw the ball for Liesl but she was more interested in sniffing and laying in the sun.  I got a good bit of it done.  I felt badly for missing church, but I am getting over a crummy cold that is going around.  I do not want to give any bad germs to anyone with compromised immune systems at church.  So on days when I have to miss church I try to stay focused on gratitude for all of the blessings in my life.  It was easy to feel grateful in a warm, sunny garden.  

After all of my puttering around in the yard, I got to watch a race.  Tony was having a bad day, but it was a good race overall.  Liesl slept off her hard morning of supervising my weed pulling so it was nice and cozy.  I even nodded off for a little nap.  I feel nicely rested.

The best part of my day, though, was that I got to have dinner with my children.  I love when the family is all together.  It is the thing that makes me happiest in the world.  We all have a goofy sense of humor and so it is always fun.  I have to share what my daughter made for me for my birthday.  It is so beautiful and I will consider it one of my top treasures forever.

 A close up view of the different stitches.

The sparklies are beads that are worked into the piece.  I love bling.  Red is my very favorite color, too.  I can not wait to wear it.  I think it is amazing.  My daughter is an incredibly talented knitter.

The day was wonderful and I am so grateful for it.  I feel so content.  It is a good feeling to take into the week ahead.

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Anonymous said...


Just stopping by your blog.

Sounds like you had a good day yesterday in the sunny weather.

I absolutely love the shawl your daughter made for you. She is very talented as you say.