Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dinner Out With The Girls

Tonight I got to go out for dinner with my two best friends.  We try to all go out for dinner at least once a month.  I have had a kind of rough week, so I was considering not going, because I am in a little bit of a funk.  But then I remembered that if anything was going to make me feel better, it was going to be spending time with these two wise and funny ladies.  I really enjoyed my time with them, they are just awesome.  We have been meeting for dinner at the same place for a couple of years now.  We decided tonight it was time to try something new every month.  We were making a list of neat places to try in the next few months.  I love having things to look forward to, and try to always have things in the pipeline coming up so I stay excited about future stuff.  So I am looking forward to the restaurants my friends suggested.  The Monterey Peninsula is a foodie's paradise.  I am hungry just thinking about it.

Tonight we talked about so many cool things including how we have the kind of friendship where we can be totally honest with each other.  We speak the truth in kindness.  Which is pretty cool because we can tell the truth about ourselves and no one judges us, and we can tell the other's the truth if we are concerned about them for some reason.  In this way, we kind of contribute to each other's growth.   My friend said the best part about the honesty in the friendship is that she can be totally herself and not have pretend to be anything.  I thought this was kind of cool.

So my time with my friends was really valuable and reinvigorating.  I realized that I am not in a funk.  I am just really tired.  My sleeping patterns have been really off this week, due mostly to stress.  It is supposed to rain here all weekend, so it will be a really good weekend to wear my jammies, watch movies on Netflix, and cuddle with my furgirl.  I think I will do some cooking of really good, healthy food, stay warm, and nap as necessary.

Coming home to Liesl is wonderful and tickles my heart.  The only time Liesl kisses me on the face is when I come home.  Then I pick her up and give her a big hug.  I love her little warm doggie smell of her neck.  When I put her back down she runs to pick up the first toy that she can find to play with me.  Tonight it was her very favorite squeaky ball.  She loves to "talk" to me with the ball in her mouth by squeaking it.  She will look my right in the eye then squeak like she is having a conversation.  I think she cracks herself up.  She is pretty darn silly, which is why I just love her so much.

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