Sunday, March 18, 2012

Peaceful Sunday

We have had an extremely stormy weekend here on the Monterey Peninsula.  It rained crazy hard and the wind was just hitting the house really hard.  It was even making Liesl a little nervous.  I woke up to the noise several times during the past couple of nights but was all cozy so I dropped right back off to sleep.  In fact, I took a couple of naps as well today.  

The nice thing about the stormy weather is that I got to putter around the house today.  I felt inspired to work on my office/ craft room.  Since I had moved in five months ago, this had become the room where everything that did not have a place went.  It had become a mass of paperwork, boxes, clothes and odds and ends.  It was not pretty.  I am proud to say that I conquered it and it is now pretty nice in there.  I have all of the paper filed.  Any furniture that did not belong in there is in the garage.  Best of all, it is very cozy.  I even got my desk drawers arranged.  My new craft desk has been sitting empty for months.  I still have a list of things I need to do.  I have a beautiful red toile valance to hang, a blingy crystal chandelier to install and I need to order a daybed so that I can sit in there and watch movies and Liesl has a place to hang out when I work. The color scheme for the room is red and white. I would also like to find a nice medicine cabinet that matches my furniture that I can mount my television in so that I can hide it away but have it accessible.

This room is the last major unpacking project.  Now I have mostly decorating projects.  Okay, a lot of decorating projects.  However, I feel so good at what I accomplished today and that I can use that space finally.  Having a creative space is really important to me and it really has to be comfy!  It is amazing how clearing this space has created a new sense of calm for me.  

The rain has finally stopped for a while and now everything smells so clean and fresh.  We needed the rain really badly.  We are expecting more this week, but the next few days will be warm.  This means nice walks after work or playing ball with Liesl in the yard.  It is beautiful though how time at home can restore one's soul.  

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Danielle said...

I awarded you a Liebster award on my blog. Just wanted to let you know. Your house is coming along magnificently!!!