Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Decorating Fun

Last night I had so much fun.  I met one of my dearest friends for dinner at a terrific place for Mexican food.  It was amazing.  My friend is a retired licensed interior decorator and we were having dinner before she took me on a decoration shopping adventure.  She is such an amazing person, and a totally creative and inspiring decorator.  It was truly a gift for her to share her incredible talent with me.  She told me that she really wanted to help me freshen up the look for my house.  I have always been very traditional with my decorating and she is right that it was time for me to change it up.  

After dinner, we went to World Market.  Watching her work was magical.  She found a pillow that matched all of my colors in my living room and ties into my kitchen.  Then she started mixing drapes, more pillows and items of varying textures.  It was getting more and more exciting as she held things up and asked what I thought of them.  She said that first we pull everything we love then we put back the stuff we love less.   My friend is amazing about tying colors together, and can pick up colors that I swear can not be detected with the human eye.  I also found a print that is so outrageously perfect for my kitchen.  I will take a photo this weekend.  In many ways it was so overwhelming and I have to confess, that at one point I got a little weepy eyed because it was so overwhelmingly exciting.  My friend told me that it was normal and changing the look in your house can be very emotional.  She says it ties in with moving into a new phase in your life.  I had no idea that this could happen.  

I really need to find something to do for my friend to say thank you.  It was such an incredible gift to have professional advice with such caring.  She helped me to choose some things that I never would have chosen on my own, that were a bit outside my box.  But they will look stunning.

I had every intention of dressing up my house tonight.  However, about 1am the dreaded stomach flu started with that achy feeling in my head and the fluttering in my chest.  I felt horrible all night and had to stay home in bed all day today.  I slept for hours at a time today, and only now feel like I can form a sentence.  So alas, my bags of goodies from World Market are all still full, standing in my entry way.  I will have to play decorating this weekend.  

Off to dreamland...

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Rita said...

Sorry to hear about your flu and hope you feel better soon.

Have fun "redoing" your house; I look forward to seeing pictures.