Sunday, March 25, 2012

What A Great Day!

Today was a beautiful day.  The rain subsided and the sun was out!  I was the assistant minister at church today.  This is my favorite season in the church year.  It is hard to believe that Easter is just around the corner.  The sermon was really good today, and our pastor talked about the fact that we constantly are having an internal battle of good and evil.  She talked about the fact that when we decide to sin just a little, it becomes easier and easier to commit bigger and bigger sins.  I agree that once someone starts doing something like lying, they have to tell bigger and bigger lies. However, I think conversely when you decide to do good, it becomes easier and easier to do good as well.  

After church I ran my errands and picked up a coffee cake for my two best friends coming over.  One friend caught the crud and was too sick to come.  :(    My other friend was able to come though.  She is my friend who is the interior decorator.  She got to see the results of our shopping trip.  She loved it!  She thought the house looks amazing!  She gave me a few more helpful hints, which I got really excited about.   Particularly since the ideas involved stuff I already have.  She is such a super person and so wise.  We got to sit down and have a really profound conversation.  She is so wise and I just have so much respect for her.

I got everything done this weekend that I had on my list.  My last thing was giving Liesl her bath.  She is such a good girl and so cooperative.  Afterward, she lets me wrap her up like a little puppy burrito and hold her while she naps.   It is one of the few times that she lets me hold her on my lap.  I guess she is all warm and cozy in her towel.   She is ever so slightly spoiled.

So I am looking forward to the week ahead.  This has been a really happy, productive weekend and I am so grateful for it.  It was a perfect to have both the sunshine and rain.  I got to work and to play.  I got to be serious and to laugh.  Best of all, I got to be cozy in my cottage and to feel so much joy that it is mine!

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Karen said...

And Tony Stewart won the NASCAR race at California Speedway :)

Look forward to reading your blog and am enjoying hearing about your progress decorating your house.