Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fell Off The Face Of The Earth...

But I am back now!  Whoohoo!

Oh my goodness, it is a gorgeous day!  After a kind of off and on rainy week, it is sunny and in the 70's this weekend.  This would normally mean going to the beach on a Saturday but gas prices are over $4.25 a gallon here so I am having to be a little careful with driving right now.  I am combining trips to conserve, and sadly, I do not have anything I need to do in that direction today.  I figure that I am also helping to drop demand for oil, which hopefully will eventually mean a drop in prices.

The good thing that comes out of this is that I love to be home or in my neighborhood, where I can walk.  I figure Liesl and I can play in the yard today.  I need to plant some herbs and do some major weeding so it is a good day to be in the sun.  Otherwise, I just love to be home in general.  This is where all of my toys are.  I can read, watch movies, stitch, knit, cook, bake, work on my house, take naps, quilt, or any number of crafty things.  I can take walks with Liesl or play in the yard with her.  So it is all good.

So far I am puttering around the house trying to get it cleaned up before I get to play.  It feels really good to get everything shiny and good smelling!  I started my laundry early so I am almost done.  Getting my kitchen cleaned is almost a zen experience for me.  I love a super clean kitchen.  Today I have to get my light fixture put up.  I would love to do my tile back splash but that may be overly ambitious.  

So today is a puttering and resting day.  Liesl seems to think it is a napping-and momma-rubs-her-tummy day.  I have lots of stuff on my to do list, but will be surprised if I get it all done...

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