Monday, March 12, 2012


Tonight was delightful.  In order to stay motivated, I am now making a list of two things I need to accomplish in the evenings around the house.  I immediately got the two items taken care of so I could play.  I was so happy to spend the rest of the evening stitching.  I have a place picked out in my living room for this piece so I need to step it up.  LOL  I am working on the top panel now.  I am thrilled with how much fun black work is.  I may have to consider more pieces in the future.

I am so pleased with the outside lantern that I installed yesterday.  The crackle glass makes such a beautiful pattern on my front porch area.  This morning when I walked Liesl it was still dark outside.  I got to see the lantern as I approached the house.  I am so pleased with it and I am happy that it stays on all night.  I got it from Costco.  It makes me happy.

There are so many things to be happy about, big and small.  


Anonymous said...


Your project is looking beautiful!

Hugs to Leisl!

Lisa said...


We are dying to see pics of the house. It sounds gorgeous.