Sunday, December 2, 2012


It is hard to believe that we are already in the season of Advent.  I have already decided this year that I am going to focus on the blessings of the season instead of making myself crazy and frustrated.  I am thinking about the gifts I received today.  A few people shared some really kind words with me, another gave me an unexpected hug.  You never really realize how important these kinds of things can be to someone.  Sometimes they make me feel all melty inside.  I know that I need to pass these things forward tomorrow so that I help to complete the circle of giving.   It is amazing how being kind makes the giver and the receiver feel.  I truly felt blessed today.

The best part of the day was coming home to a sweet little dog who acts like my walking through the door is the best thing that could happen.  Her little stubby tail was wagging so hard and I was just showered with puppy kisses.  It is something special to be loved like that.  

While I know that evil exists, I have always believed that good triumphs. There is tremendous goodness in the world.  I think this is why we have such positive reactions to things like the photo of the police officer in Times Square giving a pair of shoes to a man with bare feet in the freezing cold.  The goodness resonates in us, and most of the time we are moved to action, as well.  Love is of God, fear is not.  All that is good flows from God.

So tomorrow please share love and kindness with someone else.  A kind word, a hug, a blessing, a prayer offered on their behalf.  You never know how deeply someone else could use those things and it is almost effortless.  Just think of the impact it could have on our world, if we do something loving for someone else, even if they will never know about it.  


MaryO said...

What a lovely blog entry. I'm a big fan of Leo Buscaglia and he once said, "90% of the population is good, 10% is what you hear about on the broadcast news!" So true. luv.MaryO

Carole Anne said...

I agree with MaryO. I had seen the touching gesture of the NY policeman. So heartwarming yes, there are so very many loving and kind people. Thank you for reminding us! ~