Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Baby, It's Cold Outside

We are getting the big warnings of it being really cold tonight and storms later in the week.  It is really cold right now.  I am totally bundled up.  Murphy's/Schnauzer's Law states that the colder it is outside, the more often Liesl will signal that she really needs to go out.  It was bordering on the ridiculous tonight.  I have to go out with her for two reasons.  The first being her lack of opposable thumbs.  Since we do not have a dog door, my opposable thumbs are required to open and close the back door.  The second reason is because I know that we have a raccoon that visits the yards on my block regularly.   I am terrified of what a raccoon would do to Liesl so I have to stand sentry when she goes out in the dark.  

It is funny because about six months ago, on two occasions she saw an possum in the yard.  (It is like Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom back there.)  To this day, the second I give her the okay (after I have given the yard the once over to make sure the aforementioned raccoon is not back there) she goes bounding out to the spot all excited in hopes that it is back.  Then she has to sniff the ground around that area looking for the possum.  I have to admire that she has not given up hope.

Being a cold night, it was a good night to bundle up and stitch, when I wasn't playing doorman.  Above, you will see an ornament that I began.  It is supposed to say NOEL when all is said and done.  It is super cute and is by Sue Hillis from the 2002 Ornament Issue of Just Cross Stitch.  It will look a lot better when I put the "e" in there and backstitch everything.

Okay, now to something serious.  As I was watching the news this evening, this story caught my eye and ears.  A really beautiful idea has been introduced by NBC's Ann Curry.  It is the idea that to honor the memory of those that passed so tragically that every person who signs onto the campaign will perform 26 acts of kindness.  I think that this is such a beautiful and powerful thing.    It reminds me of the book, "Pay It Forward."  In many ways, I do believe that the time has come for a "kindness movement."  If you are interested in learning more, you can look for the campaign on Twitter, Facebook or here.

Off to tuck in my furgirl!

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