Thursday, December 13, 2012


Brrrrrr.  We are expecting a freeze tonight.  It is take your breath cold.  My best friend took me out to dinner tonight.  We were both needing comfort food and some time catching up.  With this season, we wanted to make sure that friendship is celebrated, too.  It was so nice to sit down and eat something yummy and not have to wash dishes.  On the way to the car at a little before 7 pm, it was already under 50F degrees.  I came home and put on all things fleece and my woolie socks.  It is on nights like this I am happy that my house is well insulated in the walls and ceiling.  

I so wish that I could catch Liesl on film in some of her cutest moments.  A little earlier she was walking around taking inventory of her toys.  All of the sudden she spotted one of her bones in the living room.  She got so excited and had her tail wagging really fast.  She was so happy that she had to trot all over the house looking for just the right spot to sit down and work on her chewy.  I wish I could capture her happy little self on camera to show you her cuteness.  The camera was in the other room and if I would have gotten up to get it, she would have stopped what she was doing to follow me in the hopes that I would be going to do something really fun.  

I am working on my bell pull but this weekend I need to stitch up a couple of quickie ornaments to give as gifts.  I found some super cute fabric in my stash to use for the backs.  I have a ridiculous amount of cute fabric as a quilting stash.  My new year's resolution will probably have to include making a wall hanging or two.  I bought a brand new sewing machine a couple of years ago that I have never really been able to use yet.  I love to cross stitch so much that it is hard to do another craft.

So I am feeling so blissful and joyful this evening.  I have had time with my friend, my little dog made me smile, I got to eat yummy comfort food, and I got to partake in my favorite craft.  These are the kind of days that I really appreciate and treasure.  Then I add in the fact that I had gas in my car, my heater works, I have food in my refrigerator and a warm place to sleep tonight.  Yes, I am pretty fortunate and blessed.  We have miracles big and small every single day.  Sometimes just having an ordinary day is one of them.  

Stay warm!


Mother of Mayhem said...

I love reading your blog, Patti. You are very inspiring in finding the joy in the ordinary things in life. I want to practice such gratitude.

Have a great holiday season.

Karen in Maryland

Mother of Mayhem said...

I love your blog, Patti. It is inspiring to me that you find such joy in the ordinary things in life. It is an inspiration to me.

Have a blessed holiday season!

Karen in Maryland