Sunday, December 2, 2012

Stormy Day

Oh, my goodness, it absolutely stormed here earlier today.  It was crazy raining.  I woke up a bit late because I could not get to sleep last night.  I felt really badly because I missed church this morning.  Liesl was happy for the sleeping in though.  When I got up she looked at me with one eye open like she hoped that I could keep any noise to a minimum so as not to disturb her beauty sleep.  

Unfortunately, I had to go out and brave the storm.  sigh.  It would have been nice to stay warm at home, however, it would have meant starving.  I do not like to grocery shop, but I had come to the point where I had slim pickins in the fridge.  It was either go shopping or try to figure out how to make a soup out of the teaspoon of ketchup I had left.  So I got dressed and headed out.  

I figured the more the merrier for my trip into the elements.  So I put Liesl in the car for the ride to the grocery store.  She started making it known that she wanted to be wrapped up in her blanket.  She has a bit of the flair for the dramatic.  So I wrapped her up and drove off into the driving rain.  I could not believe it could rain that hard.  I was doubting the wisdom of my going out as I had the windshield wipers on top speed. 

I came home from the grocery store absolutely drenched from loading the car.  I am happy that I now have food stocked in the house.  I usually go and shop for two to three weeks worth at once because to me, grocery shopping = no fun.  I got right back into my jammies and decided to read a book in bed to try to warm up.  Again, Liesl thought this was a splendid idea, so she went to bed, too.  We both ended up taking a really good nap.

So it was not a very productive day.  It was a nice, cozy day though.  Plus I got lots of puppy kisses today.  Liesl has become very smoochie lately, which is pretty nice.  She is a pretty loving and sweet little dog, so it is really special when she gives kisses on top of it all.  Love is awesome.

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Gray Bonnet said...

I feel the same way about grocery shopping! Aside from that though, sounds like my perfect kind of day!:)