Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hardanger Heart

I am playing Hardanger this week.  I am working on this ornament from the 2003 Ornament Issue of JCS.  While it is pretty, I will admit that the buttonhole stitch is one of my unfavoritist ever.  Okay, not a word, but you catch my drift.  Kloster blocks and eyelet stitch are no problem.  It is the edge of the buttonhole stitch that bugs me and trying to get it even.  

I made it over to Target tonight.  There is still a lot of Christmas stuff in stock even though it is 50% off.  I think there are a lot of reasons for this.  Anyway, I was there to pick up dish soap, and wandered past the dog stuff on the end cap.  They had a little Christmas dog toy set with six toys on clearance for $4.99.  I brought it home and Liesl thought it was Christmas all over again.  She loves toys and usually does a victory lap when she gets a new one.  She is so happy.

It is supposed to freeze tonight.  I have the extra blanket at the ready and expect that Liesl will be waking me up at some point to lift her onto the bed.  I am looking forward to dog cuddles.  I shudder  though to think of what my yard looks like after the ice gets to it.  I am also wondering why the weeds are impervious to ice.  Oh, well, it was a good evening for a cup of hot cocoa, and I was pretty happy that I had my homemade marshmallows to put into it. 

Gotta go tuck in the furry princess... 


sharine said...

Your heart looks beautiful:)

stitchinrose said...

I hope you and your furbaby have a wonderful new year. I always enjoy reading your blog.