Monday, December 3, 2012

Grapes Progress

Well, I am plodding along on my grapes.  I am kinda over stitching with purple right now.  However, I do need to admit that it is sorta purty.  If you turn your head and squint you can make out grapes.  There are four more squares to go after this.  Think good thoughts for me.  :)

I was really blessed with spending some time with an old friend earlier.  We got to have one of those really profound discussions about life.  I so appreciate that my really close friends and I can be so honest with each other.  My friend is also a person of faith and really shares such amazing insight.  

While I was walking to the parking lot, I ran into another friend that I have not seen in about a year.  We also ended up talking for a while.  My friend is an incredibly grounded individual. I walked away thinking that I am really fortunate to know some pretty incredible and wise people.  Each time I get to share time with any of my friends I walk away with a pretty magical feeling, almost like I have had an angel visit.  Each interaction I  have  I feel like I have learned something new or grown a bit.  

Life is such a beautiful journey.  There are paths that sometimes go off in directions we could not have foreseen, but they tend to lead us where we need to go so that we can grow.  I have been fortunate to have people to walk with who help me to grow, to keep faith, and to see beauty.  We stand by each other through all of life's up and downs.  For this I feel truly blessed and grateful.


Cindy said...

Love your stitching. I always find your posts so meaningful. Just what I need to hear. Enjoy the season.

quiltluvr said...

I am enjoying seeing your progress on your bell pull. Iti is really pretty! What is your fabric,linen? I'm trying to cross stitch very small snowmen scenes 20 count linen and it is really testing my eyes.

It's my first time to try linen and I get a little confused in my stitching but I sure do like the look of it.

Patti said...

Thank you very much for the kind comments!

I think the fabric is some sort of evenweave. Stitching on evenweave and linen can be challenging, but the results are so worth it. I think the hardest part is making sure that you have counted over the correct number of threads. The results are so pretty!

Good luck on your stitching!