Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I have come to the decision that the nice ladies over at Nordic Needle are a bunch of trouble makers.  I am on their weekly email list.  As such, I get emailed on Sunday nights with a mini newsletter with their weekly stash specials.  Some of the items are so beautiful that I start to convince myself that I should try a new style of stitching, or that I should try to stitch a Hardanger tablecloth.  I suspect that their web page may pixelate at a rate that causes readers to be hypnotized.

Someday I would love to attend one of the retreats that Nordic Needle puts on.  Their store looks really big in the pictures.  I would love to see it.  Hardanger is a lost art and I appreciate how they celebrate it.  Roz has created some really impressive designs.  As I mentioned earlier, I start thinking crazy thoughts that I am better at Hardanger than I really am.  There is something about those lacy designs that make me delusional.

The night is super still.  We are expecting another rain storm so tonight it is that super calm that comes before rains.  This is our rainy season.  We expect it and are grateful that our reservoirs are getting filled up.  Liesl is not as thrilled about the rain as I am.  She just stands in the doorway, with a look that says, "You expect me to go out in that?"  She is a diva, what can I say.

Well, I am off to dreamland.  I will probably be dreaming about perle cottons, hardanger fabric, and   that I am talented with kloster blocks, and webbing.  I will dream about zwergschnauzers (mini) that are afraid of the rain, but give lots of happy kisses.  I will dream about good books, beautiful music, and the kind people that I know.  

Happy dreams to all of you!

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