Monday, December 10, 2012

Ho Ho Ho!

Well, I could not live in a state of denial any longer.  Christmas is indeed coming.  I finally had to start my Christmas shopping today.  I am almost done, too.  Yay.  Sure, I was sort of holding off until Dec. 22nd to see if that whole Mayan prophecy thing came true.  But then you get down to some pretty slim pickins' and I am not into the whole doing my shopping on Christmas Eve thing.

So I let my fingers do my shopping.  I love me some Amazon.  I do remember the days where it was just books and now it is so much more.  I check there before I check anywhere else.  Yes, I do try to shop locally, too.  However, there are some things I just can not get locally.  So Santa's sleigh is on its way to me with a smiley box.  Liesl likes to remind me that they have all sorts of doggie things there, too!

Her little furry self is fast asleep and she is doing her low, soft snores.  She has had all of her nitey night kisses.  She absolutely loves to be kissed all over the top of her head.  If she feels that she is too far away for you to kiss her she will try to point one of her ears as far as she can to make it more convenient for you to give her a big smooch.

I am hoping that I go to sleep a little faster than last night.  Last night after I did my blog post, I turned off the light, burrowed in under the blankets and prepared to fall asleep.  Unfortunately, ten minutes later I was still laying there staring at the ceiling and for some reason my knee had decided to start throbbing.  Now I do not have knee problems so I can only figure it was related to my feet being cold all day.  Grrrr.  

I did not want to turn the light back on so I decided that I would listen to my ipod.  I was way backed up on listening to my Garrison Keillor Lake Woebegone podcasts.  (Like back to May!)  As a practicing Lutheran, I particularly like Garrison and the way he humorously portrays Lutherans.)  He has such a comforting voice and a quiet gift for story telling, so I figured that this would be helpful.  I listened to the first short podcast and was still wide awake.  I got a bit worried that I still was not feeling like I could fall asleep.  That was the last thing I remember.  I woke up what I believe was a couple of hours later with Garrison Keillor still telling stories.  I think it was the hardest I have slept in months.  It was truly a gift.  I will have to try that again.

Well, I am off to dreamland.  No ipod tonight.  

Peace be with you.

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