Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Ornament

I have been playing stitching ornaments the past couple of days.  This is one that I am making for a friend for Christmas.  The fabric on the bottom is what I will use as the trim and backing.  Is it too perfect, or what?!  Okay, so here is the super good news.  The pattern is a freebie.
You can find it here:  It has been pretty fun to stitch.  Now I have to figure out what to stitch up next.  

It has been super duper cold the past couple of days.  The bonus in this is that when it is super duper cold, Liesl sleeps snuggled up to her momma.  The past two nights in the wee hours I feel the bed shake as she knocks up against it to get my attention.  Then I see the silhouette of two pointy ears and a beard over the side of the bed.  Liesl could easily jump onto the bed, but prefers to get an elevator ride.  Then I get puppy snuggles which are just about the best thing in the whole world.  Miss Liesl was so comfy that she stayed in bed while I got ready to go to church.  She had the look that suggested that I look into a silent hair dryer.  

I have got to make my homemade marshmallows this week to give as gifts.  It really sounds complicated but it is not.  Marshmallows are also quick to make but you have to let them set out for a while.  Once you have had an homemade marshmallow, you will not want to go back to the grocery store ones.  (Unless, of course, you are making s'mores.  Yum.)  I use Martha Stewart's recipe.  Martha rocks!

So tonight I am minding my own business, watching the Next Iron Chef when I hear two of the happiest words on the planet together--"Bacon Buffet."  I know, right.  Oh my goodness.  There were some amazing bacon dishes happening, and then they said it, "Bacon Chocolate Mousse."  That sounds heavenly.  I am thinking that Christmas dinner should be a Bacon Buffet.  And then I remember that I have a doctor who could spring a cholesterol test on me at any time and I would be sad...  

Well, I am off to get my daily dose of puppy snuggles!

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