Sunday, March 29, 2009

The End Of The Weekend

The weekend goes way too fast. I had a very nice weekend. I got my house cleaned, which made me feel much better. My laundry is done, too. I did not get to make cookies because Bob made cupcakes and we have no business having too much dessert in the house.

I did not get to stitch this weekend. I was busy with other stuff and by the time I got to sit down I just was not feeling it. I surfed a bit, played my computer game, which is like the I-SPY books for grownups, and read my book.

Liesie got her bath this weekend and was looking extra pretty. We decided to get a few pictures with her mustache and beard looking white instead of grayish, which basically tells the tales of everything she has done for the past few days. LOL She is such a good girl. We tried to take a few photos of the three of us together. Bob set the timer and would run back, at which time Liesie would get all excited that he was running over to her so she would start kissing him, he would try to get her to look at the camera, at the time of the flash she would basically look at the floor. So we got a few pictures of Liesie looking at floor and the two of us looking really goofy, like we were in the middle of saying, "Look!" LOL

I am thinking about starting another tiny project and taking a little break from the Lady. She is a lot of fun to work out but I think I am a little burned out on the project. So rather than not stitching at all, I think I will pick up something else and come back to her fresh. It bugs me a little to not finish it all at once, but the fact that I did not feel like stitching this weekend tells me that I should probably look at another pattern for a while. I am sure I will be posting more progress soon.

Wishing you a really great and fun workweek!

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