Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Perfect Day

Today was an awesome day. I slept in until about 7:45 am. It was lovely. I can not believe I slept so late. My usual wake up time is 5:15, so sleeping in 2 1/2 hours was a true luxury. After a cup of coffee, and scouring both bathrooms, DH and I dealt with the fact that we needed several items from Costco. Every third Sunday of the month, we are supposed to bring a donation of food to church for the local food pantry. We had neglected to do this earlier in the week so we had to brave Costco, which was not that bad. We found some really lovely flowering plants, too for the garden project, for a great price so we are pretty happy.

Our errands actually did not take much time. We got home somewhat quickly whereupon I mounted my attack upon the mountain of laundry. After puttering around a bit, I was able to sit down and stitch the afternoon away. Liesie had had a big morning at the beach with DH so she was exhausted and slept next to me while I stitched. I made tremendous progress so I am really happy. It was such a luxury to stitch all afternoon.

I am planning on stitching the Aaronic Blessing next so thought that I would look online for the Northern Lights silks that are required. I remembered that Stitching Bits and Bobs is a good source for less common items. It just so happened that not only did they have just what I needed, they were on sale! Whoohoo! Everything is 20-25% off on the site so I also purchased a Permin pattern that I have been coveting, Four Orchids. I have not bought stash in a long time, so it was a real treat.

When we were at Costco, we saw that they have the you bake pizza that we love, the Caprese one with the tomatoes and basil. Delish! We decided to pick one up for dinner so we all had to do was heat it up and dinner was done. I love this pizza! It has a comfy taste, if that even makes any sense. LOL. It was still a lovely evening after dinner so DH asked me if I wanted to go for a walk. It was a gorgeous evening with a breathtaking sunset over the Pacific Ocean. I am so glad that we were out and I did not miss it. It was a perfect time, with people starting their bonfires on the beach for the evening. DH and I agreed that we will have to try that this summer with friends and family.

When we got back home, I got right into my jammies. We had bought Madagascar several months ago and never got to watch it. DH and I love Pixar type movies. So it went into the DVD player, and we spent the whole movie laughing out loud. It was so funny and cute. I got to stitch while we watched it so it was a double treat.

It has been such a relaxing and fun day. I love being home and puttering around my house so it was a perfect day to me. It was especially special to be able to indulge myself with an afternoon of stitching. I love days like this where I there is nothing scheduled and I am not trying to make deadlines. It really does put me in touch with what is important and what makes me happy. My family, my home, my friends and my hobbies. It is a good life and I just feel so fortunate.

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