Sunday, March 8, 2009

Rolling Right Along...

Well, there it is! The white part of the skirt is almost, for all intents and purposes, complete. Wahoo! I even started the border for the green part of the skirt. You would have thought that part would be easy, but nnnnoooooo. I had to frog it several times. It appears to be okay now but I am not promising anything.

It is nice to be starting on another part of the skirt, finally. I plan on stitching the rest of the evening. There is a special on Blue Whales on National Geographic, which hopefully will help me to relax enough to go to sleep. It always takes a little time to adjust to the time change. This, of course, is no bueno. LOL Sleepiness + accounting = big problems.

I actually got to sit and stitch in my craft room today. It is quite cozy. It was like giving birth to get this room together, but now that it is pretty much done, it is quite cool! I never got to catalog my stitchy stuff, but all in due time. I am afraid that if I start looking at the things in my stash, I may start rushing through this project to get it done so I can move on. As it is, I already think about some of the pieces in my stash. Whenever I am in church I think of the Apostle's Creed pattern that I have, or the Lord's Prayer, or the Aaronic Blessing. I really want to make these for my church. I will have to do some conversion though to fit the Lutheran versions of each. But I digress...

I figure that I have about another month to a month and a half of stitching the Lady and then the possibilities are endless as to what I can stitch. Maybe by then I will have all of my floss catalogued. Happy thoughts!

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