Thursday, March 5, 2009

Girl's Night In

Whoowee! It has been a whirlwind week. Tuesday night is choir practice, plus Wednesday night services through Lent. It has been busy, busy.

Thursday night DH has band practice so it is my night in by myself. I am coming down with the cold that is going around the office, so I was quite eager to come home and get into my jammies. DH made a yummy dinner then off he went while I went through my pre-flight evening checklist: Comfy jammies, check. Cute little dog to lay wrapped in blankie next to me, check. Bag of coconut cream Hershey's kisses, check. Stitchy bag, checkaroo! As a side note, the Coconut Cream kisses are amazing. ($2.79 Target)

It has been a nice evening. It is nice and quiet in the house right now. I turned the TV off because nothing is on. We are both getting really good at that now. I have stitched for a while, but thought I would take a break to post. I should be finished up with the white part of the skirt by tomorrow evening. I am finding the rhythm of the piece now so I am finding it quite enjoyable.

Liesl put herself to bed a little early tonight. She was pretty tired from coming to work with me today. I think I have mentioned in earlier posts that I work in a dog friendly work environment where the employees can bring their dogs to work, as long as their health records are up to date and they have an office with a door. She had a full social calendar today, visiting with anyone who came by. She of course thinks that anyone who stops by my office is obviously here to see her. LOL So she is exhausted from her whirlwind social life where people feed her cookies all day. Nice work if you can get it. LOL

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Suzanne said...

Can I come to work with you too? I'd like to sit and visit all day and be fed cookies...preferably chocolate chip! LOL