Friday, March 6, 2009

A Long Week

It was a long, tiring week, which ended with a lengthy business call at five minutes to five today. I had not been feeling well all day. I am fighting that cold, and I am afraid that I am developing a sinus infection. I have never had one so I am not totally certain, but my face sure hurts. I should have let that call go to voicemail, but try though I may, I can not ignore a ringing phone. Plus I figured that no one would call you are 4:55 on a Friday unless it was really important. sigh. By the time I got outside, there were 2 cars left in the employee parking lot. All in all, it was okay, but I really wanted to go home and go to bed.

I have been stitching for the past couple of hours and I am proud to say that the white on the skirt is pretty much done. I have a small bit to do, but it is only about an hour's work. Now on to the green. It is really pretty. As usual, the photograph does not do it justice. It is really striking in person.

I am thinking about going into the craft room to play tomorrow. I would like to work on my stitching, but I would also like to catalog my patterns and stitchy things. I have some GAST and WDW that I really need to have numbers and descriptions of so that I can keep track of what I have and not make the mistake of buying things more than once. I started a spreadsheet several years ago, but it needs serious updating of things that I have added and the things that I have taken out of my stash to work with.

I wish everyone a great weekend!

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