Saturday, March 21, 2009

Stitching Couch Potato

I had the best of intentions today. I got up and tackled the laundry. I did the sheets first so I could make the bed up all pretty with the cute little pillows. Then I washed all of the darks, got the bathrooms cleaned, the dining room and living room dusted, then it was time for a Nascar race at 11. My intention was to vacuum, wash the whites and the towels, and polish the furniture in the bedroom and craftroom during and after the race. I pulled out my stitching, DH turned on the fireplace and I settled in to watch the race. Once I finally sat down, I just felt really tired. The busy week had caught up to me.

I ended up stitching most of the afternoon. I feel a bit guilty about it. But it was nice to sit quietly and work on the Lady. I almost have her skirt done. Whoohoo!

We had a super dinner tonight. DH made chicken pot pies with leftover chicken, and homemade bread. I am stuffed. Now we are watching Madagascar 2.

Well, I will post a picture tomorrow on my progress. I am hoping that I can start the fruit border next.

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