Friday, March 27, 2009

'Tis A Small World...

Today was a good day. When I came in today, my boss told me I could go home early at 3 today, since I have been working overtime, particularly yesterday. It was very nice. I got to go get my hair cut before I came home. I have been meaning to do so but could not find time. It was also great to beat traffic coming home.

We had our lunch today at Chili's. I don't mind telling you that Buffalo Chicken anything is one of my very favorite things. You could put Buffalo Sauce and Bleu Cheese on a shoe and it would taste awesome. So I got to eat my Buffalo Chicken Salad. It was so good. I do not get to eat Buffalo Chicked very often, so it really makes me happy when I get to have it.

As we were kind of chatting, somehow it came up that I was originally from Paterson, New Jersey. My boss mentioned that she has relatives there. So I went on to say that I was the fifth generation of my family to live there and that my ancestry had worked in the silk mills there. In fact, my great great grandfather had emigrated from Macclesfield, England to work in the mills. My boss said that her grandfather had also emigrated from England to work in the silk mills in Paterson around the same time as my great great grandfather. As we discussed it further, she mentioned the company that her grandfather worked in, and it was the same mill as the one where my dad worked! They were there at different times (about 50 years difference) but it was amazing! What are the chances?! What a really small world. Here we both are on the opposite coast, working in the same place and we both have a connection to a place 3000 miles away.

I had only found out most of this stuff about 6 years ago. My mom had a lot of information and shared it. I got pretty excited about it, and started doing a lot of genealogical research. It was really neat to see some of the census records and find out that there were several members of the family that were embroiderers in the silk mills. I have to wonder if there is some sort of institutional memory in families. Perhaps it would explain why I am so passionate about stitching and silk. LOL I am so glad that my mom had so much information and remembered so many details. It really helped in launching my search.

I am really looking forward to my weekend of domesticity. I started my laundry tonight so I am ahead of the game. Whoohoo! I will start with a walk down by the beach then buckle down and get my house cleaned. There is a certain kind of happiness that comes with a clean kitchen. LOL

Have a great weekend.

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