Thursday, March 26, 2009

Needed Serious Chocolate Today...

My goodness, what a day. It started as a whirlwind at 8:01 this morning and just was wild all day until about 6 when I finally left my office. Wow. It was amazing how just as I was resolving one issue the next one would be started. Oy!

I was happy to sit quietly this evening and stitch. It was a beautiful thing. I basically have to put the border on her skirt and the skirt will be done. I love how the skirt has the same look as silk when the light hits it. I have many chores to do this weekend, but will get them done early so I can stitch and watch this weekend's NASCAR races at Martinsville (VA.)

I am thinking that I would like to bake some cookies this weekend. I must be feeling a withdrawal from the Samoas. LOL I think since it has been such a wild week at work, I start to feel a pull in the other direction, that is the need to engage in domestic activities. I am actually looking forward to the laundry. We have got to start our garden this weekend, too. It is so cool to create something beautiful. Even in my forties, there is something so magical and exciting about a seed sprouting in the dirt.

I am really looking forward to lunch tomorrow. We have some heavy duty renovations happening at work. They are shutting off the water to make some major repairs and will be making some big noise. My boss thought it would be great for our little group to go to lunch to get offsite for a while tomorrow. I have so much fun when I go out with these ladies. They are incredible people and really smart business women. They also have a great sense of humor, so I have a great deal of fun with them. It will really make a loud day at work a bit more enjoyable.

Hope you have a great Friday!

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