Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Couple of Days of Murphy's Law

Wow. Have you ever had one of those days? Or two? Oy vey. Welcome to my world.

I was looking forward to coming home, having a relaxing evening, and doing my homework for my online class, which is due tonight. Normally, I do not wait until the last minute, but alas, I have had church stuff the past couple of nights. Of course, the minute I sat down to complete my assignment, my Comcast broadband went out. I could not even retrieve the instructions for the assignment. Of course, the next hour was filled with unplugging, plugging back in, rebooting, etc. I tried to call Comcast and was on hold for 22 minutes before I finally gave up, madder than all get out. I finally got it up and running an hour later, but I was so frustrated, I am afraid I did not do my best on my assignment. :(

Anyway, I am going to try again for relaxing on Saturday, knock wood. If I can get all of my errands run tomorrow after work, I am thinking that Saturday would be a good day to stay home in my jammies all day. Liesl would welcome the opportunity to lounge all day. I could see myself at my desk/craft table most of the day. I am starting to spend a lot of my evenings in the craft room/office. It is nice in here. The lighting is low, the house is quiet, and Liesl has a bed to hang out on.

I am afraid that after my internet fiasco I was not left with any time to stitch. I was hoping early this evening that I could get that assignment done and then be free to stitch the evening away. Oh, well. In the big scheme of things, it is but a small annoyance.

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