Monday, September 27, 2010

Just Another Manic Monday...

Yay! Here is my progress on Willie. Please pardon the photo quality. If I used the flash, it totally washed out the photo. I could not get a good balance of the lighting in the room. Anyway, it is coming along nicely. The actual snowman is done with sparkly blending filament, so he is very blingy.

Had the night from heck here last night. As I had posted, I had gone to bed really early. Unfortunately, this effort was wasted. About 2:45 am, Liesl and I both jumped awake to a loud rumbling throughout the house. At first, I thought it was a large earthquake. I jumped out of bed with Liesl quick on my heels to get to safety. Then I realized the house was not shaking. The sound actually sounded like someone running around the outside of the house, which is not possible. I grabbed the phone and looked out the window in time to see a group of at least 3 racoons jumping off the roof and running along the fence. Not good. I usually do not let Liesl out after a certain time at night because I fear racoons getting hold of her, but now I am really going to be mindful. I let my neighbor know so that they can keep their furbaby safe, too. Racoons do really bad things to dogs.

I would have been able to get to back to sleep had it not been for my lovely neighbors across the street that are holding to their partying all night schedule until they move out. My goodness. The first of the month is drawing nigh, though.

Other than being very sleepy, it was a good day. It was 100 degrees at work today, but was nice and cool on the coast when I got home. The smell of jasmine and trumpet plant filled my living room. It is so strong and so beautiful that I can almost taste it. It really helps me to stay in the joy of the moment, because it is so beautiful that I just have to sit down and enjoy it. I ate my dinner next to the window, stitched next to the window and just enjoyed the beauty of light changing throughout the evening. What a blessing.

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