Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday Night

First of all, whoohoooo! Tony Stewart won tonight at Atlanta. It was a joy to see him take the checkered flag!

It was a good day. The nice thing about a laid back three day weekend is that I feel like I get to waste a little time. Generally, on the weekend I feel like I have limited time so I need to get everything packed into the two days. This weekend, however, I feel like I get to move at a slower pace. Today, I got to hang a curtain rod that I have been meaning to hang for weeks. I also go to hang some pictures that I have been indecisive about in their placement since I moved in. Therefore, I dust the pile of them every week. I am proud to say that I have hung all except two. The house looks good. All that work made me sleepy so I took a really long nap. It felt glorious.

I have to say that the Gipsy Kings rock! I found a really old CD in my files the other day as I was cleaning out old software which dated back to like 1997. I must have stuck the CD in there on accident years ago. I played it today. It was awesome. Love the whole French-Spanish Flamenco style. I forgot how good they are.

Tonight I am going through my kits to find something small to stitch while I make a final decision on which large project to stitch. I just need to keep my hands moving but do not want to start kitting up until I really make a firm decision. Now that the race is over, the house is quiet. I get to stay up as late as I want, which in reality will probably not be that late.
Have a great evening.


mbroider said...

Hi there, read your last two posts, and am feeling good:)

You had mentioned (for your next project) blackwork somewhere and also about relaxing with a book. I wanted to tell you - there is a freebie bibilophile bookmark charted for blackwork available in if you are interested!

If you agree you are a lover or collector of books, that is.

Pam said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Sunday. Enjoy your Monday before you head back to work for the short work week. Which kit did you decide to stitch?