Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Life Is Beautiful

It was a busy day at work, as all Monday type days are in a four day work week. But it was a satisfying day as I got a lot accomplished. It just feels good when you make it through your workload.

We had choir practice at church tonight. I was thinking tonight as I looked around, how much I love my church family. I have known all of these people for about 10 years now. I can't believe how fast that time has passed. I think of all that has happened both inside the church and within our friendships over all these years. My church family has been an incredible source of strength, hope, love, and friendship. We also have a lot of fun together. We have been through so much together and I feel so blessed to know these people. I feel blessed to be walking the same journey with all for them.

After church I got to see my smiling little furgirl, doing her happy dance at seeing me. I realize that I overall that I am so fortunate for all of the love that I have in my life, in so many ways. That little schnauzer smile just melts my heart. That smile is worth all of the spoiling that I get to do for her. Speaking of which, have I mentioned that she gets turn down service? Every night, when she goes outside for the last time, I straighten her blankie on her bed, then I put one of her little heart shaped peanut butter cookies on the edge of her bed. When she comes in she trots over to her bed. If for some reason that cookie is not in place, she will come out of the bedroom and look at me, like, "Um...hello. There is supposed to be a cookie on my pillow..." LOL

I got to stitch for a while after choir practice. It made me happy. I am working on the snowman's sweater right now. It really is adorable. I am looking forward to stitching Ellie May Melt next. I love Lori Birmingham's designs. I will post a photo soon!

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