Saturday, September 4, 2010

Whadda Week...

Oy vey. It was a busy, busy week. I had something every night this week, so I did not log a whole lotta time at the cozy cottage. But it was a cool week and I spent much of the day at home today, which was nice. Because of the lack of attention paid to said cozy cottage, it was starting to look a bit like a dorm room. This is an easy look to achieve when your house is only 600 sq feet. A couple of items out of place, or something not hung up right away and it sorta stands out.

Anyway, Wednesday was opening day of the fair. My friend and I got there around 6:15 pm and it was packed. I was a bit surprised to see that entries in all categories, including the animals, were way down. I had turned in a couple of hastily framed pieces that I did not expect to do well, as they were way below the caliber of my usual entries. (It has been a really tough year...) But I wanted to make sure that I did my part to represent the cross stitch, which has had dwindling entries over the past few years anyway. My pieces got Honorable Mentions this year, but the real shock was that there were only 10-15 entries in cross stitch. It used to take up a corner of the room. The number of quilts was also way down. I am a bit concerned for the future of county fairs.

Thursday night was super fun. My mom was in from the Bay Area and my sister was in from Denver. My daughter and I met them at my mom's fave restaurant here for dinner. My sister and I have the same goofy sense of humor, so we laughed all evening. It was so much fun. Your sense of humor tends to be a little, err, different with the people you grew up with. So there was a lot of wise cracking, and good natured teasing.

I got to meet up with mom and my sister again today, after they did some sightseeing. It was good to visit with them. Afterwards, I got to come home and clean my house, putter around the yard, and even got to wash most of the windows. Everything is sparkling clean again and the cottage is indeed looking cozy. Tonight, I am looking to go through some stitching stuff in the craft room, and turn in early with a good book. It has been a good day.

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