Monday, September 6, 2010

The End of the Three Day Weekend

The three day weekend went by quickly, as always. I got a lot done though and I feel really good about it. Today, I was grateful that the repair shop was open and could take my car at the last minute. I heard the dreaded squeak on my brakes and brought my car in right away. They were amazing and had my front brakes replaced by noon. In the meantime, my Liesie and I were able to walk on the beach. We were there early in the morning, so we basically we had the beach to ourselves. I even got to see a school of dolphin, breaching in the waves.

The weather is turning quickly here. This is usually our summer here on the Peninsula. September and October are usually hot and sunny. The air has been a bit crisp. I am getting nervous about an early winter. Our winters are cold and rainy, so we treasure our sunshine first.

I picked a kit out of my stash to work on. I spent the late afternoon and early evening stitching Lori Birmingham's "Willie Melt." He is a pretty darling snowman. It is kind of an easy stitch, which is what I need right now. The only bummer is that it is stitched with blending filament. Filament is not one of my favorite fiber to work with. But I really think it will be really darling when it is done.

Wishing you a wonderful week! May your work be blessed!

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