Monday, September 20, 2010

WIP Progress

Okay, isn't he the cutest little thing? I wish that the sparkly effect from the filament was visible with the camera. He is blingy, too! He is coming along nicely. and is really a lot of fun to stitch. I love Lori Birmingham's designs. She has a way with cuteness.

It is really nice to get back in the swing of my stitching again. I have been working a little at a time prepping the garden for fall and winter. I am kind of looking forward to moving my party inside with my stitching, my crafts, my books and being cozy when it starts to rain outside. So for now, I am pruning and doing the last of the weeding, deadheading, and just making sure that everything makes it through winter. Luckily, here on the coast, it will not get horribly cold, we have a small number of freezes, so all should be okay.

My dear friend brought me an arrangement with the last of the roses from her garden yesterday. They are so lovely and the last bit of summer. They look so lovely on my table and make me so happy when I think that I have such wonderful and thoughtful friends.

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