Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ahh, quiet...

This year I have gotten really good about turning off the television when there is nothing worth watching on. I have come to really value the silence in my house in the evening. I go into my little office/craft room and work on the computer, study for my class, or sometimes just surf. I love this little room. It is decorated in red, is very feminine and has many of my favorite things in here. I keep the lights very low in here. There is no overhead lamp, just my desk lamp and a table lamp. Liesl has a bed in here, too. When she sees me come into this room, she trots in, too, and happily snuggles into her bed while I sit at my desk. I think she likes the quiet, too. It is almost like that peaceful, contented quiet that I would have when I would read "Goodnight Moon" to my children when they were small, as I tucked them into bed. (Goodnight to the lady whispering hush...)

Tonight it is very quiet. Liesl is sleeping and I keep hearing soft little puppy snores, which are just about the cutest thing in the world. I have taken my test for my class and scored a 98%. I am seriously considering a cup of hot cocoa at this point.

Our temperatures have returned to normal here. The fog is thick again tonight and the air is very salty and smells like the ocean. I figure it will be another night filled with the sounds of the fog horns, sea lions and puppy snores. All music to my ears.

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Jeanne said...

You're so lucky to live by the ocean - that's a dream of mine. We have been having record heat and I am SO ready for it to cool off! I love sitting in the house when it's all quiet stitching. DH always has the TV or stereo on but I enjoy the quiet like you.