Friday, October 1, 2010

The next few weekends are supposed to be a bit on the busy side, so I am looking forward to staying home and getting some things done around the house this weekend. I need to do some things around the yard, such as trimming back the bushes one last time, then packing away my larger gardening tools until spring. I remember seeing once that you should store your tools in a large bucket with a mixture of sand and oil to keep the tools sharp and protected from rust. I may have to run over to the wonderland that is Home Depot.

I also have some puttering to do around the inside of my house. I am looking forward to this. There is a little spring cleaning type stuff that I need to do. I am noticing clutter forming, so I need to go through and purge some stuff.

Liesl has had a case of TGIF today. She was full of the dickens in a funny way today, like she was ready for the weekend. LOL I always think it is interesting that dogs just seem to know. Liesl's favorite day of the week is Saturday, especially when we are home for the day. We sleep in, we walk down to the beach, she plays in her yard, she can nap in her bed, play with her toys and get lots of love and attention. I love Saturdays, too, and it makes my heart happy to see her so happy.

I am hoping to get some stitching in this weekend. In addition to all of my chores, I also have to take a mid-term for my class, so I will have to work to get some stitching in. I am sure I can make it happen at some point.

Wishing you a great weekend!

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