Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ahhhh, A Day At Home!

Liesl and I agreed that today was a good day to stay home and rest. It was a typically busy week so I was ready for some cuddle time with my furgirl. She snuggled up next to me while I stitched and watched documentaries. I was working on Star Spangled Banner. A documentary on the War of 1812 was on the History Channel. A portion of the documentary focused on the Battle at Fort McHenry in Baltimore in 1814, where Francis Scott Key scribbled down his notes for the Star Spangled Banner. It was fascinating. It made me feel a greater pride in the piece I am stitching.

I love days like this when I can stay home. Saturday is my one day that totally belongs to me, so I try to relax, give Liesl lots of attention, and putter around my house. Liesl likes to be home playing in her backyard, and stretching out in her favorite spots in the house. She will lay down on the top step to the yard, sunning herself. Sometimes I will walk out to see her just sitting there surveying her queendom. In the meantime, I get to tidy up, or play with my hobbies, nap and read. It is a heavenly way to spend a day.

My lilac tree is in bloom. It is so beautiful. I decided today that I need to share it, so I spur of the moment I decided to invite friends over tomorrow for lunch. So I have been cooking up a storm tonight. I went over to Trader Joe's to pick up some yummy things and started cooking so that I am ready. I prefer to spend time with my guests instead of in my kitchen, so I try to prep as much as possible ahead of time. I am looking forward to tomorrow afternoon and hope that the weather is lovely.

Oh, I nearly forgot to share. I finally got to try the Bohin needles. They go through the fabric like a hot knife through butter. Oh, my goodness. I am sure that I will never use any other needle. They feel nice in the hand and are very reasonably priced. I got the assortment of size 24-28, which had two of each size. They are super!

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