Monday, May 23, 2011

Electric Stash!

Okay, I went a little wild today. I am generally a pretty frugal person, and living in a 600 square foot house, I am pretty cautious about what I bring into my tiny palace. However, had Ott-Lites on clearance for like 90% off. They were the expensive brass ones, usually around $269 USD, for $29.99. I bought about $800 worth of lamps for about $80. I have been needing some really nice floor lamps for some time. I have been looking for full spectrum lamps because they are easier to read by and stitch by. I have looked at Target and Home Depot for months. Today, someone posted the information at 123stitch. I can't wait for my three lamps to get here. They are pretty fancy. My living room does not have any overhead light so it gets pretty dark. I also read alot in my boudoir and need a good reading light. I am so stoked!

It is pretty cold and windy here right now. I was really looking forward to coming home and putting on sweats, but I had a worship committee meeting at church. I am the liason on the church council. The group is so good and so committed, and we worked out some really beautiful services for the next three months. It was really neat. There was a wonderful fellowship. I really feel so fortunate to have these folks as my church family.

No stitching tonight, but I am counting the days until the three day weekend. I think I may have a self imposed stitchy-thon on Sunday night. It would be fun to stay up late stitching one night. Hopefully, my lamps will have arrived by then.

One last thing-our prayers go up for the people of Joplin, MO. The photographs are so heartbreaking and I can not begin to imagine the terror that the good people of Joplin have had to endure and will have the face in the upcoming days, weeks and months ahead. It gives me pause to really be thankful for blessings. Life can change in the blink of an eye, so I truly treasure the blessings of today.

May you be blessed, too!

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