Monday, May 2, 2011

Hangin' Out With The Big Dog

It was a pretty good day, considering that it was Monday and the first day of the month. The first of the month is always hectic for accountants, but all in all, it went pretty darn smoothly. The weather was warm, the sun was shining, and I got lots of work done.

What was really nice was that I came very close to getting out of work on time tonight. The sun was still shining. I was able to putter around the yard a bit while my dinner cooked. I got all inspired yesterday to garden, so I am looking closely at the space I have to work in and thinking about how I want it to look.

Best of all, I got to stitch most of the evening. I am up to the line, "Through the perilous fight." It is going rather quickly now that I am doing the letters. It is also a little easier to goal set for the evening of stitching, because a stopping point is more identifiable. I even got to stretch out on the whole sofa to stitch because a certain schnauzer decided to go to her bed early.

I had to make Liesl's annual check-up appointment today. I am blessed to have a vet that is open on Saturdays. So she will have to go in a few weeks. She usually shakes until the vet puts his hands on her, then she relaxes. I figure that the vet's office probably smells like all kinds of scary things. I just hate to see her shake that much. She is usually such a brave little dog. She seems to know the doctor is there to take care of her and warms up quickly. Until then though, it is traumatic for both of us. LOL

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