Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gardening Gnome...

This is just a small corner of my nasturtium bed that I wrote about yesterday I love all of the different brilliant colors. Just looking at this flower bed makes me so happy.

When I uploaded this photo, I noticed that there is a small furry gardening gnome in the upper right corner. You can spot two pointy ears, each on either side of that big sideways leaf. She is heading into her hiding place under the leaves and flowers. It is funny how fast she can become un-hid if she hears the crackle of her cookie bag or a cheese wrapper though. LOL

It looks like this will be an eventful weekend. I just got invited to a big barbecue and then I also have other plans for one of the evenings. I love holiday weekends. I get to be the assistant minister at church this weekend, which is always a true honor and privilege. Of course, there will be trips to the beach for my furgirl so that she is happy, too.

I got an email from that said that my lamps are on their way via Fedex. It said that the delivery date will not be until the first, but I am thinking happy thoughts that they arrive by Friday night. I would love to have them this weekend.

Off to dreamland!

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