Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Good, But Very Busy Weekend!

Wow! This weekend was busy but it was wonderful. I got so much accomplished, so I feel really good.

Yesterday, was Liesl's annual vet check-up. I am happy to report that she has been declared very healthy by her doctor. She had to have all of her blood tests and such, which came up negative for bad things that are harmful to doggies. (Always a blessing when I get that news.) They took her off to another room for her blood work, but when they brought her out she looked just like this:
This is Liesl's normal state of being, smiley and happy. The vet technician said that Liesl was such a good girl and did not even complain when they had to prick her with the needle. She had a red bandage on her leg and had to show it to me proudly while she was smiling. She trotted out of the vet's office with such a happy little trot. I just love this little dog so much. She is something special.

In addition to the vet visit, I got to stop by and say hello to old friends, drop off clothes that were too big for me (Yay!) to Goodwill, stopped by the library, cleaned my house, did my laundry and had extra playtime for Liesl, since she is such a good girl.

Today, I got to have lunch with my very best friend. She is an incredible woman and we had a deep talk about life. She is so wise and so much fun at the same time. Then I got my oil changed, did my grocery shopping, shaved my legs for summer (which, sadly, took longer than the oil change. LOL I think the electric razor was smoking towards the end. Sorry, probably more than you wanted to know!) By then the sun had come out, so I went outside and painted my front gate with two coats, hung a pretty shell wreath on it that I have been saving, and weeded and shoveled the flower beds on the side of my driveway.

The funny thing is that I do not feel at all tired. I feel really good. I even got to stitch tonight or rather, un-stitch. A couple of days ago, I found that I was off a stitch on a couple of rows. I put it away, trying to decide what to do. In the end, it was bugging me, so I am taking the stitching out and re-doing it. Hopefully, this week I will have new progress to show you.

Have a wonderful Monday!

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