Sunday, May 1, 2011

An Amazing Weekend!

This was such a great weekend, from beginning to end. On Friday, I came home to a package from Amazon. I love that little smiley faced box sitting on my doorstep. Some time ago, my mom gave me mad money for my birthday. This was one of the presents I ordered. My friend got this book for her birthday and I was drooling over it. It is such a great book and even comes with a CD so you can print out the patterns. There are so many neat designs in here that look really easy and quick to stitch up. I love this book! Thank you again, Mom!

Yesterday was my day for errands. Liesie decided to come along and be my co-pilot. We had to run by the local craft store for fabric. Then I had to run to the Carmel library to pick up Cleopatra, for which I have been on the hold list for months. In addition, they had three other books in that I have been wanting to read forever. It must have been my lucky day! It was an absolutely beautiful day, so I made sure that Liesl got her walk on the beach afterwards, then I picked up my groceries and we went back home. I puttered around the house, cleaned my closet out (whoohoo!) and went to bed super early so I could read Cleopatra. It was so worth the wait!

Today was so fabulous. It started with church and seeing members of my church family that have been away for several weeks. I feel so at peace at church and love being with the people I have known for almost 10 years.

After church Liesl and I were invited over to one of my co-worker's ranch for barbecue. We had a wonderful time and got to see their amazing gardens. The garden was at least an acre and had the most beautiful flowers and trees. There was a Cecil Bruner rose that had trellised itself way up into the trees. I was absolutely in awe and inspired to do greater things in my garden. I was so grateful that they invited me over and so enjoyed getting to know both of them better.

Liesl had so much fun, too. She ran with the other dogs and discovered horses. I wish I would have had my camera with me when she was sniffing nose to nose with a Tennessee Walker horse. The horse was so gentle with this happy, excited little dog. Liesl ran and ran, played and played, and walked the gardens with us. When we got home this afternoon, this is what Liesl looked like the rest of the day:

She was one tired puppy!

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April Mechelle said...

She sure does look tired !!! lol Sounds like ya'll had a great time !!! I was busy working in my yard all weekend..