Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ahhhh. It is so quiet this evening. No fog horns. No seals barking. Just quiet. The temperatures were in the 80's today, and the evening is just cooling off. I was telling my co-workers today that it was the kind of day where you want to sit in a chair in your backyard, with a popsicle and a magazine. It was so beautiful and clear.

It is nice now that we are transitioning seasons. It stays light longer in the evening, until about 8pm. This has been nice as I have been gardening after work this past week. Tonight, I got to have dinner with my pastor and friend instead though. It was a special treat in a busy workweek, and it was just enjoyable to sit and talk about big ideas, theology, books, and life.

Now everything in the house is quiet. I came home to lots of kisses, of the puppy variety. Then I snuggled with my little fur girl, until she decided to turn in. It is funny to have a dog that puts herself to bed. LOL Afterwards I looked at blogs and became more inspired to stitch faster in hopes I could do all thebeautiful projects that I fall in love with online. Now I get that last few minutes of quiet to reflect on the day, count my blessings, read a few passages in my Bible and then settle into my book. I love ending my day this way. I think the part I enjoy the most is the counting of blessings. I start small and then end with the big items. I usually run out of time before I run out of blessings. There is so much to be truly grateful for.

May the day be filled with blessings for you, too!

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