Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Walk In The Garden

With all of the cold weather, wind and drizzle, I have not been in the garden for about a week. Today the sun came out and I ventured out in the garden. I found that all kinds of magic had been happening while I was gone. I have a huge patch of nasturtiums in every jeweled color that they come in. So beautiful. Then my pale yellow margarites were blooming with beautiful pink geraniums in their foreground. Both trumpet plants were ablaze with huge blossoms. There was a large patch of brilliant lobelia blooms. I have patches of Peruvian lilies coming up all over the yard. My goodness, I blinked and my yard turned into a painting. It was breathtaking and in one moment I felt so overwhelmed with so much beauty.

I need to go get one of those $19 chairs at Target and make a little place to have my tea in the morning. I have a small table that I can put right outside of my door. The chairs come in many colors. Of course, I want red. Unfortunately, I can not just go pick one up as I have a PT Cruiser which is not conducive to hauling chairs. Bummer. However, my best friend has an SUV so I will have to call her and see if she is up for a trip to Target. I think I have some cute vintage fabric in my collection to make adorable pillows for my chair, too. Yay! I may have to find a little ottoman for Liesl, too, so we can bask in the sunshine together.

My garden is such a special place to me. I still get surprised by the some of the plants that come up. Their bulbs and seeds lay dormant, and all of the sudden I will see something pop up where I don't expect it. It is a bit miraculous. I love the fact that it is a magical place for Liesl, too. She loves to lay in the nasturtium patch where it is cool. Sometimes, it is hard to see her in there. Then I will see a flick of an ear, and realize that she is nestled in there. Hide and seek is her favorite game, so she especially loves the fact that she can hide in there. If she could giggle, she would totally give herself away.

Well, I am off to dream beautiful dreams of more flowers that I need to put in the yard.

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