Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Have Been Schnauzed Today...

I don't know if one of us was not adjusting well to getting back on schedule after all that fun this weekend, but I have been on the receiving end of a schnauzer 'tude today. LOL For those not familiar with the breed, these are one of the smartest dogs around. They are also notoriously stubborn and dramatic. This is why I have a miniature one. She is about 20 pounds. Small enough to scoop up when she acting up, which is actually very rarely. I can not imagine having a 45 pound standard or 65 pound giant though. There is not a lot of room for negotiation there. LOL

My friends and co-workers laugh because Liesl is quite a character. She is very much like having a perpetual two year old child. She can be lively, cranky, loving, sassy and silly. She is also a smack talker and will go through a range of verbalization from excited barking to muttering under her breath, which actually makes me laugh. If I talk to her sternly, she will walk away muttering and complaining in a low voice. If I tell her to stop barking, she always have to give one last closed mouth bark, because schnauzers have to have the last word. She will also take her own sweet time when she feels like it. My fellow schnauzer owners laugh when they see this because it is typical of the breed. Schnauzers have their own timetable.

This breed is not for everyone. You have to have a pretty good sense of humor (because they have a really good sense of humor and expect you to get it!) You also have to have a long sense of patience. They will make you laugh more than any comedian can, they are extremely loyal, and so smart. I swear Liesl just understands things and language without any training. It sounds strange but if I need her to do something, I can generally look her in the eye and tell her what I need her to do, and she follows it 100% of the time. She is a beautiful soul.

I am really fortunate that I have this little furry girl in my life. I always thought that when I got a dog, it would be one that was content to just lay in my lap. But God does not send you the dog you want, he sends you the dog you need. I got the best one ever. She makes me laugh, challenges me, exercises me, and provides great comfort when I need it. Best of all, she overlooks it when I have an off day, so today I am doing the same for her. Tomorrow will be better for both of us!

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Barb said...

Thanks to your idea about the chairs, we went and got two today. The ottomans were much harder to find. We finally got two today and they told us that none are left anywhere up here!(near Seattle) Thanks for the inspiration.