Friday, May 6, 2011

Yay! The Weekend Has Arrived!

So far this is a fabulous weekend. I accomplished everything on my list at work today, including a large project. To top it off, I finished everything by 5pm, so I could leave on time. I was feeling pretty jazzed about all that I got done today, so I was feeling energetic enough to start my housecleaning and puttering at home. This will leave more time this weekend for stitching.

I am also excited because I got a message via Facebook tonight. One of my friends from church has to commute between Southern California and Monterey once a week. He mentioned that he stops in Solvang, which is an amazing Danish community in the Santa Ynez Valley, on his way home. My very favorite bakery ever (Mortensen's) makes the most incredible eclairs. I mentioned this at church last week, and he said he would take my order for eclairs, but was not sure if he would make it through before they closed this week. I did not mention it again, because he had mentioned the things he needed to do on his way up to Monterey. I did not want him to make a special trip or go out of his way. He sent me a message tonight that said, "Mission Accomplished." Whoohoo! It was such a nice thing to do. These are the most decadent, delicious eclairs ever, complete with a little bit of raspberry jam in them.

Tomorrow should be a really fun day. I am puppy sitting a couple of Liesl's puppy friends. My friend's family has to go to a family member's memorial service, funeral and family meal, so their chihuahuas are going to spend the day with Liesl and me. Their family is going to pick up Liesl first thing in the morning to go on a morning hike with them, so that all of the dogs are tired. This is while I get my hair cut and grocery shop, then all of the dogs come back to my house. Then it is puppy-palooza! I have extra treats and chewies, so I am ready. An afternoon of puppies is a good thing. Plus these little dogs are lap dogs, so that means Liesl will want to be a lap dog tomorrow, too. LOL. I am pretty excited about it. Liesl will like having her buddies from work here to play with. They are all such well-behaved little dogs, so it will be really fun. After that it will be a self imposed stitching marathon!

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PJ said...

Soooo, what time should I come over for eclairs? :D