Sunday, May 29, 2011

Yay! A Construction Project!

I am having a seriously fantastic weekend! It has been perfection so far!

Yesterday, I was watching a really amazing documentary on the History Channel during the day. It was called the Story of Us about the history of the United States, starting from the very beginning and then going through all of the technological advances, etc. Apparently, it is a twelve part series, but I only saw a few of them while I stitched. Anyway, I was having a perfectly lovely viewing experience, when a commercial for Ace Hardware came on. They were advertising wooden Adirondack chairs at the unheard of price of $29.99. They are regularly $49. These have three position recline and are pretty nice.

I was able to make it over there today to get two of them. The young man behind the counter said that they are flying off the shelves. Then he said that he would be happy to place a special order for me for the ottoman that matches the chair for $9.99. Awesome. So I ordered them and they will be in on Tuesday. My plan is to paint the chairs and ottomans vintage Coca Cola red, and use some of the vintage fabrics in my stash to make pillows for them. I have to charge up my cordless drill tonight so I will put them together tomorrow morning. I am so excited.

Today has been a great day. Of course, I had church this morning, and then my best friend had a little going away brunch for a dear military family that is moving this week. It was nice to have time with friends, and lots of yummy food. Now Liesl and I will watch the race while I stitch. Tomorrow afternoon, Liesl and I have a big barbecue to go to. One of her favorite dog friends will be there so she will have lots of fun. Some of my favorite people will be there, again with lots of good food. This has been a weekend of perfection.

Back to the chairs...I am really loving the fact that this will give my yard a nice, vintage look. I really have a weakness for style from the 1920's to 1950's. I am looking to give my house an overall look of this time period. My house is a 100 year old California bungalow, so the look fits! I realize that I am not the only one that loves vintage as I watch shows like American Pickers and American Restoration. American Restoration does some amazing makeovers of old items. I would love to go shopping at that guy's shop in Vegas.

I have to wonder if there is heightened interest in these vintage items because they return us to a much simpler time. Some of the items that they show bring back some great memories.

I am off to stitch and cheer on Tony Stewart!


shyann_rayne said...

Love the idea to paint the chairs red!

Daffycat said...

Don't get splinters! Or you won't feel like stitching in your new awesome chairs =)