Sunday, July 31, 2011

Back To Work!

Well, I think I have had as much fun as I could have on my week off. I am looking forward to going back to work and seeing my co-workers. It has been a fun week. Liesl and I had a lot of fun and took a lot of naps!

I did a bunch of cooking to get ready for the week. My BFF who is a busy nurse practitioner got me into the habit of doing this on Sundays. She told me that during the week we are tired, hungry, and more likely to eat something unhealthy or unsatisfying. So she cooks a bunch of basics to have on hand. Tonight I made a pot of brown rice (so I do not make the white rice when I am in a hurry) to go with an Asian style crockpot meal leftovers that I made yesterday. I made cole slaw to make sure that I eat some sort of veggies if I am too tired to cut up a salad during the week. I also made a pitcher of cherry Kool-Aid with Splenda. Most of all, I am proud of a recipe I got from Martha Stewart.

I love me some Martha. I have gotten some great recipes and ideas from her. I do not have any desire to reach the level of homemaking that she has, but I have learned some tips from her that make life a little nicer and cozier. She has a wonderful website with great recipes and inspiring ideas. One of her best recipes was for make ahead lunches. I am not a big fan of sandwiches, they get kinda boring, except PBJ. Yum! So I was thrilled when she had this recipe on her show for Soba Noodle Salad.

I love Thai food and this has all of the Thai flavors. I will admit that I am a total goober because the recipe calls for green mangoes. I took this to mean a certain variety of mangoes and finally had to Google to find out what they are. (Google is our friend!) Just means unripe mangoes with totally green skin. This is what it looks like. It tasted so great that I had two bowls for dinner. So many flavors but fresh and light! It was just delicious and healthy.
I just have to show off my bargain that I got the other day. I was at Trader Joe's and they had a shelving unit full of big hibiscus plants for $6.99. I bought this apricot colored one. It is still blooming so the flower is not open all of the way yet. I was so pleased with it that I went back and bought a red one today. There were only two left. The price was so low and the plants are large and healthy. Apparently, they had yellow ones, too. But I missed it. I have a couple of empty large pots so I am going to replant them. They are so pretty.
Well, guess I had better go finish getting ready to go back to work. At least I get to iron to Shark Week!

Have a great Monday!

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Beth said...

Hope your are having a great week back at work! I think Martha has a lot of good ideas. Though we used to say that they were great for someone who had a ton of servants - lol.