Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Today was a wonderful end of a great weekend! I woke up to a gorgeous day and headed right outside after my cup of tea. I got to garden and got myself all inspired to get a bunch of gardening accomplished in addition to my full social calendar today. I weeded, cut plants back, and planted some bedding plants. It was looking pretty great. I knew a trip to the wonderland that is Home Depot was going to be in my near future.

I worked away with a small dog in tow, until before I knew it was time to clean up to meet my pastor/friend for lunch. We had planned a special lunch to celebrate the holiday. She is an absolutely wonderful person and really interesting to talk to. We both love classic literature and love to talk about books. The classic story line truly stands the test of time. We had a leisurely lunch and then I headed home, but stopped at Home Depot on the way. I love HD, and the people that work there are just so incredibly helpful. They have 6 packs of bedding plants for $2, which is where I usually stock up. I was looking at some individual lavender plants which were $3.33 each. I must have shown on my face that it was too much, because the nice lady told me that she had zonal geraniums for $1.50 each. Yay! I also got the color bowl above for a special price of $7.99. I could not make one for that. I got one for my neighbor, too.

I immediately got changed back into my gardening clothes when I got back home. I knew I had two hours until my next social fun, so I was eager to put my new flowers in the ground. I had to crack up, while I was working in a raised bed. A certain schnauzer kept coming up and sticking her head under my armpit so that I would give her a kiss on her head. She would pull her head back out and have a big smile like she was so clever. She makes me laugh.

I think that I have shared before that I totally love my neighborhood. It is kind of old school where we all know each others names and watch out for each others houses. My neighbors are all about my age. (Young! LOL) It is funny because if we want or need to talk to each other we do not knock on the door. We talk over the back fence. This is how we let each other know if there is a stranger in the neighborhood or racoons spotted in the yards at night, etc. Last night, I was watering my yard when my wonderful neighbor popped up on his side of the fence. They are a beautiful family and a joy to have as neighbors. Anyway, we were chatting about the holiday and he mentioned that they were having a big backyard barbecue this evening with lots of friends and that they wanted to invite me. I was thrilled. So I headed over with my flowers for them this evening. I had a delightful time and got to make lots of new friends. It was awesome. Such good food, too!

When I got home, my BFF called me to say that they were just putting hamburgers on the grill for an impromptu BBQ and could I come over. I told her that I was all partied out. LOL I would have loved to go over to see her, but I was super tired and figured I should probably get back into work mode. It has been a great weekend, but it will be nice to get back to work.

It was a good 4th of July. I am so thankful for such a great weekend. Tomorrow we will get back to talking stitching!


Pam said...

It sounds like you had a very busy 4th, but an enjoyable one.

April Mechelle said...

Hey Patti, I am catching up on my blog reading! Glad you had a great 4th. I love those new chairs! I have to clean up my porch before I can sit out on it.. Plus it is kind of hot and humid here.... I signed up for a email from amazon that emails me all the new free books for my kindle. I love reading it. Take Care!!!