Tuesday, July 12, 2011

This Book Makes Me So Happy!

I got my other book that I ordered today in the mail. This one cost me $.71 plus $3 or $4 postage. I love this book. It is a hardback and in basically new condition. It has lots of photographs and talks about the old kitchen linens, like the stitched towels on the cover. It also includes the vibrantly colored print towels, the souvenir dish towels with the map of a state with it's tourist destinations, or the knitted potholder. This book makes it clear that it is not about the fancy linen. It is about what it describes as the workhorses of the kitchen. It is so comforting to look at. I am going to be on vacation soon, and this is one of the books I want to be sure to read!

My BFF called me tonight, and I was telling her how much I love this book. She knows that I love all household things vintage. She said that she can totally see me in a totally vintage decorated little cottage and garden. There is something so comforting about pretty retro things.

Apparently, there is a company called Aunt Martha's that make iron on transfers of these vintage designs. I know I have seen them in my local craft store. They are in a bright yellow envelope. There are some very cute designs. I shall have to see if there are some schnauzers. Schnauzers and Scotties were used in a lot of vintage designs. It is probably the rectangular shaped head, pointy ears and beard that has a distinct design element. A lot of people get them mixed up, but the best way to tell in a design is that Scotties have shorter, thicker legs. Schnauzers have longer, thinner legs. Even in person, Liesl gets called a Scottie all the time by people who do not know her. BTW, if I am looking for a specific schnauzer item, I will usually search Scottie, and inevitably there will be a schnauzer in there somewhere...

Well, I have a huge presentation to make before all of the managers at work tomorrow. Wish me luck! So I am off to get my beauty sleep...

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