Friday, July 29, 2011

Stitching Progress

It was a nice quiet evening around here. Liesl went to bed early since we had excitement around here earlier. It was also a cold evening, so I put on my sweats, warm fuzzy socks, and got out my stitching. I am getting close to the end. Whoohoo! Right now I am working on the border, which is a series of eyelet stitches.

We had fun this afternoon. It was my dear daughter's 28th birthday. She got off work early so we spent the afternoon in my nice, sunny garden together. It was nice to eat, have an adult beverage and catch up on all of the news. (We will have a family party next week.) It was very relaxing. Liesl was so excited to see her. All I have to do is mention her name and Liesl will run to the window to look for her, yawning really hard to calm herself down. Liesl got herself all worked up having company. She also felt the need to go bee hunting and snapping at bees. (Will she never learn?!) She was exhausted and went right to bed when my daughter left to go have dinner with her hubby.

I am a bit proud of myself. I love when back to school supplies are on sale at Target. I look for the great deals on pencils and stuff that I can't get so cheaply the rest of the year. So while I was perusing the school supplies at Target the other day, my eyes fell on those magnetic locker supplies. I realized that they would probably work on my refrigerator. I have a grocery list on my fridge but no pencil nearby, so I got a magnetic square pencil cup for about $2. My fridge also has a whiteboard front (cool, huh!) so I can store my pens there, too. They had all sizes and shapes. I am wondering what else I can use them for. I use mine on the side of my fridge so they do not get knocked around. I am thinking that they could be used in the laundry room for something, too. Perhaps as a place to put the change that I pull out of my pockets. Hmm, I may have to go back.

I just heard that there will be a couple of meteor showers this weekend. I love to watch meteor showers. They are magical. I may have to get away from the city lights so I can see clearly. I am such a goof, I still have to wish on each one, just in case...

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Gloria said...

I envy your cooler temps. It is extremely hot in Texas this summer.

Your WIP is beautiful.